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Is yin yoga dangerous? Why do yin yoga teachers want you to round your spine? In this clip, learn about the tilt of the pelvis, and how adjusting it can profoundly change your experience in yin yoga. Discover how widening the legs or using asymmetrical leg postures can profoundly change your forward folds and backbends in yoga. Learn how to effectively stretch the fascia of your spine and back while protecting yourself from common hamstring injuries and pain.

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training

100% Online

Get certified to teach yin yoga while deepening your practice. This course offers a rich curriculum of technique, philosophy, and practice in a format combining live collaborative online sessions, home practice videos and self-paced modules.


What You'll Get In The Training

5 Live Sessions

Five livestream 2-hour sessions and access to recordings

18 Video Practices

Home practice sessions in yin yoga, yang yoga and meditation

60 Learning Modules

Videos of 5-25 minutes in length to watch on your own schedule

Yin Teaching Certificate

A 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Certificate upon course completion

Yin Teacher's Manual

Devi's 82-page e-book The Art of Teaching Yin Yoga, with a gallery of yin postures and more

Lifetime Access

Review videos and recordings as often as you need.

100% Online

What You'll Learn

  • The five archetypes of Yin Yoga
  • Skeletal variation and functional alignment
  • The art of sequencing
  • Propping and adjustments
  • Meditation for Yin Yogis
  • Energy anatomy and meridians
  • Yang Yoga sequences 

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