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Bonnie Golden

Author of Yoga for Holistic Healing

Devi is straightforward, humble, experienced, and wise. This is truly one of the best yoga teacher trainings I've ever participated in. ​Practical, inspiring, organized.

Nicole H.

 This was hands down my favorite yoga teacher training. Even if you don't teach, this training is transformational.


William K.

One of the positives that came as a result of this pandemic was the availability of additional training through online means. Devi became one of my all time favorite teachers, and my practice of Yin really expanded during this time, as I felt a need for a slower deeper form of yoga. When she offered a 50 hour certificate I took advantage of it. She has an amazing syllabus and a deep library of related teaching videos that are well produced. I can not overemphasize how well Devi teaches.

Laurie B.

My classes are getting bigger with offering Yin Yoga, and the demand for private sessions has increased since my training, which gave me more confidence offering Yin. I learned how to design a balanced safe class and I feel comfortable advising modifications.

Victoria S.

The training helped me feel much more mentally prepared to teach yin classes at the gym where I'm employed. I continue to unwrap all the elements that I learned, not only of yin yoga but on being a yoga teacher.

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