Yin Yoga can help women get better sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most common medical complaints. Sleep problems are associated with significantly decreased work performance, impaired daytime function, and increased health care costs. Gender differences in sleep quality have been widely investigated, with insomnia being 41% more common in women than in men []. The reasons for womens' sleep problems may be because women are more prone to anxiety. It may also be because women are subject to hormonal changes throughout their lives that make them more vulnerable to insomnia during adolescence, pregnancy and menopause.

As a yin yoga teacher on YouTube, I've acquired thousands of followers through my bedtime Yin Yoga videos. I've only published a handful of these videos, but people return to them again and again – which is a testament to the power of yin yoga as a sleep aid.

Insomnia rates are rising rapidly around the world, and yoga is just beginning to be accepted in the medical community a leading therapy for sleep problems. A meta-analysis of 19 research studies with 1,832 participants found significant evidence for the effectiveness of yoga as an intervention to help improve sleep quality.

Yin Yoga, in particular, relieves the very things that can disrupt restful sleep: tension, anxiety and discomfort.

This video is a guided bedtime yin yoga sequence that can be done in the evening before bed, or during the night when you have insomnia. 
It includes calming stretches, breathing exercises and a guided full-body relaxation to release tension – all designed to help you float off into a deep rest.

The study found that the more time spent doing yoga the more significant the sleep improvement is likely to be. If you'd like longer videos, check out this Bedtime Yin Yoga Class Playlist on YouTube