Stillness in Yin Yoga: How important is it?

Mar 01, 2022

Let's talk about fidgeting on the mat

In the tradition of Yin Yoga, stillness is emphasized, and students are discouraged from fidgeting. But the science of Yin is still in its infancy, and the research is scarce. I've specialized in Yin Yoga for the past 12 years, and I'm surprised there still doesn't seem to be much research to support a strong emphasis on remaining still.

Read on to find out why it might be okay to move a bit more in Yin, and watch the video below to try a somatic yin yoga flow.

Here's a 45 minute video you can follow for a somatic moving yin sequence:

The science of stillness and movement

Some experts suggest that a small amount of movement within a stretch might have a benefit over completely static stretching. 

To begin with, movement may result in greater hydration of fascia. Thomas Myers, fascia scientist and author of Anatomy Trains, discusses this in his blog: