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Yoga Business & Career Coaching

with Devi Daly


Invest In Your Future

Whether you teach yoga in-person or online, solo or as part of a yoga studio team, my coaching sessions will help you earn more and work less as a yoga professional. 

Turn Your Visions Into Reality

It's not easy to create a sustainable yoga business, but if you can envision a satisfying, sustainable and abundant livelihood doing what you love, then I would love to help you make it happen.

Over the past 23 years I've experienced many challenges and pitfalls from being in such a high competition business. but through years of trial and error I've developed strategies that can help anyone succeed and thrive in Yoga.

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Why work with me

If we haven't met yet, I'm Devi, and since 1999 my career has traversed all aspects of the yoga business – from freelance yoga teacher to yoga studio owner to online yoga influencer. I’ve managed and directed full-scale yoga studios, I've produced yoga teacher trainings and I've established an online yoga business. Each of these jobs has had both rewards and challenges. Today I have a highly profitable enterprise that’s incredibly satisfying and perfectly suited to my skills and lifestyle. 

I love teaching yoga, but I also *really* love working with yoga teachers on their businesses. It is my honor to help you clarify your values, maximize your abilities, minimize your stress, and establish yourself as a leader in your dream niche. 

Who coaching is for

You may be an experienced teacher, or you may be just getting started. Whether you plan to teach independently or as part of a team, and whether you'll be teaching in-person or online, coaching sessions with me are good for:

  • New yoga instructors
  • Yoga instructors building an online business
  • Yoga studio owners
  • Fitness instructors
  • Personal trainers
  • Meditation teachers
  • Other alternative health modalities

I'll help you create a plan to establish yourself and move toward your goals. Your business will evolve into something that aligns with your values, draws upon your strengths, and leaves you with time and energy to live your fullest life.

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Interested in Teaching Yoga Online?

As an official partner of Kajabi and Uscreen (both which I use for my business), I love to work with yogis who are interested in teaching online through these platforms.

What's more – if you use one of the links below to start a trial, you'll also get a free one-hour Zoom strategy session with me. 


Kajabi is the one-stop platform I use for my main website, yoga courses, email outreach, marketing and private coaching. Get a 30-day free trial using my discount link. (Usually the trial is only 14 days).

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I use Uscreen to host my online yoga studio because it's streamlined for yoga and fitness teachers. Videos are categorized in a Netflix-style design, all fueled by an excellent built-in monthly membership engine. Click here to start a free 14-day trial to Uscreen.  

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Schedule a free call to discuss which platform would be best for your offerings. If you decide to set up coaching, your sessions can be scheduled to maximize the value of your free trial period.

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Why private coaching

Many of my yoga career coaching clients have already tried a one-size-fits-all yoga business course that didn't worked for them. Every yoga teacher brings very different skills and experience, which is why it's more effective and efficient to do it one-on-one – not only for the accountability that's built in but also so that sessions can be tailored to your unique skills, desires and goals.

For instance, a non-techie type of yoga teacher will use a much different business strategy than a yoga teacher who likes the idea of managing her own online presence; and an experienced yoga teacher should use a very different type of marketing funnel than a newbie.

Coaching will help you clarify what's right for you, eliminating what's not needed and freeing up your energy for your priorities. Your business plan will consider your personality, your skills, your desires, and your long-term happiness.  


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How it works

Coaching begins with the big picture – exploring your history, your skillset, your interests and your lifestyle. From here, we define a broad vision.

We then move to the nuts-and-bolts which is different for everyone but may include branding your business, packaging your services, marketing your offerings or building your community.

For yoga teachers who are already teaching, coaching will begin with a review of your current career activities, a collaborative analysis of what's working and what's not along with developing a strategy to improving your business.

Schedule a call first, and if you're ready to dive in, you'll purchase the coaching package. I look forward to working with you!


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