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 The 14 Day Yin Reset

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Discover the healing power of Yin Yoga

An immersive program of daily 30 minute yoga practices. This is a journey that's designed to release stress and anxiety on a deep level. Gentle stretching postures will ease tension and relieve joint pain. Deep relaxation techniques will rewire the brain, recalibrate energy and improve sleep quality. Sign up to receive program materials and a link to the daily video. 

A print-friendly PDF calendar helps you track and log your progress.

The welcome video prepares you for the series. 

Yoga on day one is a refreshing yin yoga sequence for the whole body.

Day 2 brings deep stretches to the hamstrings, quads, glutes, groin and hips.

Day 3 is designed to awaken the energies of the spine.

Day 4 is explores twists for the spine and side bends for the lateral body.

Day 5 explores asymmetrical backbends for a deep release in the quads, psoas and hip flexors.

Day 6 integrates what you've learned, weaving it into a deep whole body sequence.

On Day 7, forward bending helps calm the mind and is balanced by gentle backbending.

Generate deeper safety and trust while exploring backbends on Day 8.

On Day 9, bring compassionate awareness to the deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions that Yin can awaken. 

Day 10 brings a deeper exploration of the large array of Yin hip opening variations.

Gently stretch and move energy through the shoulders, neck, upper spine and wrists on Day 11.

On Day 12, attune into the subtle energies of the heart with yin stretches, pranayama and chanting.

Move energy in new ways by briefly engaging the core muscles between long yin holds on Day 13.

On Day 14, recalibrate your energy with softer, lighter poses – a gentle grand finale to wrap up the series.

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