The Radiance Sutras

Studying the Radiance Sutras with Lorin Roche has profoundly influenced my yoga and meditation practice. Dr. Roche translates this set of illuminating poems, called the Vijnana Bhairav Tantra in Sanskrit, while sharing his own insights and reflections.

The 112 poems are presented as a conversation between lovers, Devi and Bhairav, about full-body spirituality. Bhairav inspires Devi* to accept every breath, sensual experience, and emotion as doorways to deep and intimate contact with the energies of life.

I recommend this book to all Yin Yogis who want to go beyond studying the limited energy model of the Chinese meridians, to exploring the vastness of the energetic, emotional and spiritual landscape.

*In 2018 I changed my first name from Debbie to Devi, and the change was inspired by this text.

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