21 Days of Yin & Yang


30 Minutes a Day

Yin, Yang & Meditation • 100% Online

Experience the benefits of regular yoga practice in this easy-to-follow self-guided program. Stretch, strengthen and relax with a new sequence every day, alternating calm (yin) and energizing (yang) days. The class videos will be pre-recorded so that you can practice morning, evening, or any time of day.

For all levels with beginner-friendly options


Week 1 Preview

Day 1

Slow Flow Yin Yoga

Day 2

Yin Yoga for Hips & Spine

Day 3

Slow Flow for Upper Body

Day 4

Yin Yoga for Quads, Psoas

Day 5

Slow Yang Flow

Day 6

Yin Meditation: Healing Rest

Day 7

Morning Yin Yoga

What You'll Receive

21 Video Sequences

Thirty minutes each alternating strong and calm days

11 Yin Yoga & Meditation  Classes

Calm days for relaxation, flexibility and healing

10 Yang Flow Classes

Energetic days for strength, toning and confidence

Mobile App

Clean app interface for mobile & tablet

Calendar PDF & Notifications

Printable 21 day schedule with the option to receive daily app notifications or emails.

Access to Our Community

Connect with other 21-day yogis in our international online community

Mary Li

Oakland, California

"I'm loving this daily routine that even at different times of the day, it alway ends up to be just what I needed."

Laura King

Inverness, California

"This 30 minute routine provides such nourishment and balance to my being, like eating nutritious food."

Full Program


Lifetime Access

Includes all 21 practices including 11 Yin Yoga & Meditation Videos and 10 Yang Flow Videos. Move through the program on your own schedule and repeat it as often as you'd like.