Why Yin Yoga Is the Punk Rock of Yoga

functional yoga yin yoga teacher training Jan 14, 2022

Are you a non-conforming yogi? Below is a 3 minute video about Functional Yin Yoga – what it is, and why Yin Yogis need to understand it.

In group yoga classes it can sometimes feel like the teacher is trying to line everyone up like toy soldiers. This happens because mainstream yoga promotes the notion that there's an ideal alignment for each pose. Many yoga teachers truly believe that this ideal alignment should look exactly the same on all people's bodies.

In this video I share a different perspective:


When a teacher is caught up in the aesthetics of yoga, she may bark out remarkably detailed alignment instructions that make her sound quite authoritative. 

But if you love Yin, you're probably not impressed by this. In fact, you may have been drawn to Yin because of your strong sense of intuition. In yoga classes, you may insist on doing things your own way as you follow your own inner guidance about what feels right. 

In your own gentle way, you're resisting the concept of an ideal, externally-imposed shape for your body. 

Yin lovers tend to be nonconformists. This is why I call Yin "the punk rock of yoga."

I've been asked if I think we should do away with yoga alignment altogether. The answer is no – and this is where the Functional Approach to Yin comes in. When we practice functionally, we're more concerned with how yoga postures feel rather than how they look.

In Functional Yin, postures are seen as tools to stretch, stress or stimulate one or more target areas – i.e. the spine, hamstrings or quads.

Teachers who are trained in the Functional Approach to Yin Yoga understand that the student's bone structure is in charge, and that experimentation and dialogue are key. The physical shape of the posture comes last. The Functional Approach to Yoga was created by Paul Grilley, who taught me Yin Yoga. It's a brilliant way to customize yoga so that each individual can find what works best to stimulate subtle energies in beneficial ways.

I hope you like the video. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

💙 Devi

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